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How the Veteran's flag holder came to be

Several years ago I used to walk my dog daily. Our route took us to the cemetery where I could let him run loose and get much needed exercise.

As I sat in the stillness of this place ,looking around I noticed the different type of monuments, some very old and some covered with moss. I noticed those of men and women who had served their country. Near their stones might be placed flags,usually placed by local Veterans organizations.

I began to think about the idea of designing a new type monument; one which would be innovative. Ideas began to flood my brain and I knew I had to find a way to make this a reality. Living near a Ceramic College was a big advantage for I had envisioned making this monument out of ceramic.

I began telling folks of my idea and some laughed and thought I was nuts. "It will never work" and "It will break" were some responses. I continued to work on the idea and eventually found an artist who was able to put my idea on paper.

It was a ceramic monument, with a built in flower box at the base. I had in mind that the inside would be hollow and would include a self watering system which would let the water inside the stone into the base where the flowers were planted when they became dry. My design also included a flag pole holder which could be attached anywhere on the stone that the owner desired.

I had my idea patented and spent several years discussing it with experts who encouraged me to forge ahead. Unfortunately in the area where we reside I was not able to find a facility which had a kiln large enough to fire a prototype of the monument. Therefore I decided to focus my time, energy and money on the one aspect which seemed most viable. The item is shown here on this page: a flag holder for veterans' monuments.

This company is newly formed and just getting into marketing of the items you can view under patent information; namely, the monument itself, the flagpole holder, and the flower boxes at the base of the monument. It is the goal of the company to develop these products and then license the manufacturing, marketing, sales and marketing distribution.



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