The Ceramic Stone porcelain flag holder

As you can see from the picture, the porcelain flag holder is 4”s long and has three rings to secure the flag. It then epoxies directly on to the headstone. Developed in collabration with the Center For Advanced Technology at Alfred University,the flag holder is made from a ceramic that is stronger than granite and is therefore guaranteed fully for the life of the stone. The glaze that covers the product entirely turns to glass,when fired. this makes the product resistant to weathering and to the growth of lichen, mosses and mold.

Our flagholder is now available in a stately black, that you see to the right as well as a traditional white holder.

The holder is secured to the stone by two one inch square epoxy strips. The epoxy has been tested by the 3M Corporation and has been found to hold securely after ten years. This testing enables Ceramic Stone to guarantee the holding power of this tape for 10 years when applied to a glass or granite surface. This guarantee does not apply to the old loose granular stones of yesteryear, ie. marble and limestone or sandstone.

This product is truly unique and the U.S. Patent Office agrees. Select this PatentLink to view the details of our patent.

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